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      We welcome you to the official website of our company! We hope that it will help you to find the information that will encourage you to contact us, and thereby lay the foundation to our further successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

        “KLUCH-TD” Company was established in 1999 and originally specialized in supply of a narrow range of spare parts to certain types of forestry machinery.
Thereafter, the spectrum of supplied products has increased considerably, complemented by a wide range of spare parts for road-building and other types of machinery, including wheeled caterpillar machinery, widely used by mining, especially gold-mining, enterprises and by companies engaged in geologic exploration and oil and gas complex sector.

        Today, the activities of “KLUCH-TD” company, are aimed at meeting the demand of our existing and potential customers in the supply of spare parts for excavators and bulldozers of such brands as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Shantui, Hitachi, John Deere, etc.,as well as for forestry machinery John Deere, Tigercat, Caterpillar, etc.

        We offer and carry out shipment of spare parts not only to enterprises of the Siberian region, but we also organize delivery to other regions of Russia. For any destination the shipping can be made from our warehouse, located in the cities of Krasnoyarsk, Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk.

        Particular attention has been paid to procurement of SHANTUI brand machinery (supply of spare parts and machinery). This machinery is gaining popularity and is used by our customers, both in forestry and road-building sector. Moreover, they mark its decent quality, reliability, and simplicity in maintenance and repair, not to mention its strong price competitiveness in comparison with other imported and domestic analogs.

         Our company is authorized and has several official statuses from a number of the world leading manufacturers of machinery and spare parts:
        - The official distributor of USCO S.p.A (Italy) - spare parts for undercarriage systems ITR® – track chains, track shoes, sprockets, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers and other products;
        - The official dealer of Timberblade (Canada) - Gator Teeth® saw teeth for forestry machinery;
        - The official dealer of Shantui (China) - SHANTUI machinery and spare parts SHANTUI;
        - A business partner of Italtractor ITM S.p.A (Italy), Berco S.p.A (Italy).

        Official status and direct import of products allow us to offer our clients a wide range of spare parts at competitive prices and flexible terms of delivery and payment.

        We are committed to building a partnership with our customers, based on an individual approach to each customer and mutually respectful collaboration!

39, Krasnodarskaya street, 660112, Krasnoyarsk city, Russian Federation, Tel./Fax: (391) 277-57-57

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