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           The main efforts of the «Kluch-TD» Company are aimed and will be aimed at consistently providing our customer enterprises only with high-quality and original products for reliable and continuous operation of their machinery. It is impossible without well-functioning partnerships and supply schemes with manufacturers and suppliers, with the majority of which the Company is bounded by dealership, representative or other partner agreements, as proved by the related certificates.

           While choosing strategic partners, the age, history and experience of our company, customer reviews allow us to count on our partners’ serious approach and focus on the development of mutually beneficial cooperation. This will allow us to realize our full potential in promoting their machinery and other products, supplying it with spare parts, which will enhance the image and position the brand of our partners in the regions of our Company’s operation and interest.

           To achieve these goals, in collaboration with our partners we are ready:

           1) to put our efforts and ensure strong sales of the products of our strategic partners in the regions of our interest on the Russian territory;
           2) to invest our own financial resources in purchasing and maintaining of a necessary supply of spare parts in all regional warehouses of our Company;
           3) to invest money, energy and time in organization of client services (staff training, purchase of necessary equipment, etc.)
           4) to conduct staff training regarding marketing and sales of specific models of machinery, equipment and spare parts.


           We are glad to invite you for cooperation! We are open for a dialogue!

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