For customers

          We are aiming at bringing our service of supplying customers and clients into accordance with their requirements and wishes, so that they can achieve the best results in business.
         We have managed to change widely spread stereotypes about supplies, and now we ourselves form and maintain a necessary stock of spare parts and materials for the needs of our customers, which objectively allows them:
  • to reduce commodity stocks in their warehouses, as a result of buying only those spare parts which are needed today;
  • to reduce idle time of machinery, while maintaining a high level of capacity on each unit due to efficiency in supplying spare parts and other goods and materials, since there is a wide range of the latter in our warehouses, and we provide a quick delivery in any region of Russia;

  • a flexible payment system in times of deficit and limited money resources – from 100% prepayment to a delay of payment up to 60 days and by installments.
          We are a direct importer of products of the leading world manufacturers, some of which granted us with an official status of a dealer, distributor or business partner (USCO ITR, Timberblade, Shantui, ITM, etc.)
          Numerous references and recommendations from our partners and customers in any of the regions where we operate, can serve as a good evidence of successful cooperation.
          We express our deep respect to all our partners and customers and thank you for the mutually beneficial cooperation!

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